Flames of Desire Ep 3

The Flames of Desire Fever has just bitten me BIG TIME…

I guess episode 3 is the turning point when i can confidently say that for the next 46 episodes of this drama, i’m in for the long ride…It is now my guilty pleasure… My piece of ajumma past time and there’s no one else to blame but the scriptwriter for weaving such a formulaic and yet spell binding story that i am practically THIS close to the screen whenever i’m watching this series as the story grips me and i practically jump in excitement in anticipation of what would happen next…

I really felt goosebumps rise all over my body as Na Young finally succeeded in getting her wish and i know that this will only be the start of her rise to power and how she will stop at nothing until she achieves her end goal…

However, it’s not all smooth sailing for her as Young Min and her enter into their arranged marriage and that makes things a little bit more interesting than it already is…

What i love about Na Young is that she’s formidable… She’s no wilting wallflower or a traditional makjang heroine who suffers silently for the sake of others… She’s a gold digger and she makes no secret of that fact…

I was actually amused seeing a heroine who dishes out the most beeyatchy statements while keeping a smiling face (The look of surprise on Jung Min’s girlfriend thinking that she can scare his wife into submission was priceless as she realized that Na Young is not an easy opponent…)

But despite the toughness, there’s just something about Na Young that also seems vulnerable… (Is there something wrong with me in wishing that Young Min would really fall in love with her and cherish her?)

A lot of other viewers hate her character for her manipulative ways and yet i can’t bring myself to feel the same… I don’t know why but maybe i’m waiting for her redemption… (But dang it! How lucky is this woman? Everything’s falling according to her plans and that makes her even scarier than she already is…)

Each of the stories interweaved within the drama really captures my attention… I couldn’t believe myself when i teared up over Joon Gu and Jung Sook’s story but there was just something so poignant and touching about a big thug trying to make a new life for himself and then having unlucky breaks and still ending up sacrificing himself and taking all the cudgels for the sake of the woman he loves…

Like i guessed from the moment Na Young gave birth, it seems like her sister would raise In Ki as her own and i can’t wait until Seo Woo and Yoo Seung Ho’s character appears in the drama…

If i am this invested already without them making an appearance yet, i wonder how much more i would be once they sizzle up the screen with their pairing…


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