Doctor Champ Eps 5-6


I think i’m in love again…

And it’s all your fault Jung Gyu Woon! My gosh! How can you play Ji Heon in all levels of adorableness that just makes me want to pinch your cheeks and hug you close to me, you sweet, dorky, adorable man child you!(although this story is getting better and better that i think i’m seriously falling for it too!)

But back to you Ji Heon…

The things you do for Yeo Woon are absolutely to die for…

You cheer her up, you save her from harm and best of all you just know the right things to do but you know what you should improve on?




Why can’t you show the side of yourself to her that’s cool and manly and mature and instead she always sees you when you’re at your dorkiest?…

(although personally, i’m not complaining since i really love your sense of humor and your joie de vivre but this is Yeon Woo we’re talking about!


That intellectual, no nonsense female doctor?

No wonder Do Wook is making her heart flutter in all levels of crushable-ness if ever there’s such a word…)

However, i do have to say… the way you pushed her against that wall and boxed her in when you were being all territorial on her over that botched dinner with Dr. House Wanna be rocked my world big

MAN! SERIOUSLY! that was a 10 on the HOTNESS meter!

I really like it when guys take charge but boy… it’s really not your
lucky day is it?

And Yeon Woo!

What does the boy have to do to make you see how much he’s into you?

Boy, everything must be down in the dumps for you in terms of work but your lovelife sure is turning up roses…

Although i do love the fact that you’re decisive and you don’t string him along but girl, you were really too harsh with your words of “not seeing him as a man” and “not wanting to be comforted by him”…

Do you know how much he’s putting his neck on the line for you? Of how you hero worship Do Wook like he’s HIPPOCRATES come to life while Ji Heon is also working behind the scenes to save your behind too most of the time?

It’s just that he’s always being upstaged! By Do Wook no less!

And i guess that’s gotta sting because you only have eyes for
him but not for Ji Heon…

Although just a simple thanks from you and once again, his heart melts… (awww….)

Don’t tell me that it’s serious and that dazed expression on your face when Do Wook got close to you is you falling in love with him ?




Your pairing with Ji Heon had already made my heart flutter and taking back the shipping that i have invested since seeing you two working your magic together on Episode 1 is now almost next to impossible!

(Although truth be told, Your pairing with Do Wook did make my heart waver a bit too when you were making that drunken confession… I saw the chemistry that i’ve been looking for between you two too, I wouldn’t lie!

And what i saw made me scared for Ji Heon… very, very scared… The boy has every right to be threatened! Heck! I was!

Also, the fact that your taxi ride with Ji Heon in a previous episode was shown in a dark context seemingly signifying how the road ahead of you is dark and unsure while that of Do Wooks in episode 6 is bright and well lit gave me a dark sense of foreboding about the direction that i think the scriptwriter is taking the pairings to…

I’m keeping my fingers crossed that i’m mistaken… but dang it, i’m sorta feeling this pairing with Do Wook now too!

AH MOLLA! I’m getting confused!)

However, I think If you only know that Do Wook is so hung up on his past with another girl… I bet that would even the odds in Ji Heon’s favor…

After all, why would you want a man who has emotional baggage when there’s one who’s emotionally open and available?

Besides, have you seen the abs on THIS MAN?


Well, if you did and you still are not changing your mind, then you really must be crazy!

(Awwww… you poor, poor Jiheon… come to mama… You do know that my heart is breaking for you right? there… there… i’d comfort you if Yeon Woo won’t have you…

That screencap above also has no business in this episode other than the fact that i like looking at your naked bod… wahahaha!)

But seriously, you still crack me up even if you make me sympathize with your plight…

Those scenes where you were imagining YEON WOO?


And can i just say? Kim So Yeon if i liked you before, i now worship the ground you walk on! That was just classic!)

Moving on, I am also loving the BroMance that’s going on between Sang Bong and Ji Heon …

At least he has that consolation despite the fact that he is kinda in last place right now for Yeon Woo’s heart…

(and us girls, have the consolation of seeing two hunky dory guys together on our screen while roughhousing with each other!

WOOHOO! Now, give me that beer!)

Seriously, the scriptwriter of this series sure do know how to give great fanservice…

Great, hard male bods, sweaty and shirtless at every moment? You sure are after every fangirls heart!

Lastly, don’t even get me started on Jung Gyu Woon’s butt baring scene?

BOY! You sure did exceed expectations and for that you have my undying and unrelentless Love!


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