Dr. Champ Eps 7-8

Yeon Woo: You said you wouldn’t forgive me until you died…

Ji Heon: That’s right i don’t want to forgive you… I also hate being like this.. But i like you… (pauses for great effect) CRAZILY



(*curses like a sailor at the monitor*)

Show, i swear i hate you for cutting off this weeks episode with that heart stopping confession!

How am i supposed to wait a whole week?


Where have you been all my life, Ji Heon?

I think i must have been the one who went crazy with that line and the way you delivered it, that i was ready to throw myself at you right at that very moment and have all your @sskicking judo babies!

The way you confessed your feelings towards Yeon Woo  casually… confidently… without hesitation…


Yesirree… Served on a silver platter and with cherries and whipped cream on top!

I would have immediately said YES if i were Yeon Woo!

You had me… i swear, you had me…

But seriously now, this shows OTP (or my version of it anyways…) just makes my heart happy in ways that i can’t even begin to describe or put into words!

(that hidden fist pump at the beginning of Episode 7 when he learnt from Yeon Woo how Do Wook is slowly getting out of the picture leaving the playing field open for him? TOTALLY ADORABLE! It made me smile from ear to ear!)

I just am enamored with how  the scriptwriter of this show made Ji Heons character fun and interesting and all kinds of sweet without making him dumb or downplaying his manliness, drive and ambition…

He’s truly a man that i can imagine myself falling in love with! (even if sometimes he’s a total perv!:lol:)

I truly appreciate the fact that he’s so smitten with Yeon Woo and yet not smitten enough that he will forget everything just to be with her…

It’s a good turnaround of events to see how in Episode 8, the tables are turned and it is now Yeon Woo’s turn to chase after him although personally, i think she got the short end of the stick for earning Ji Heon’s ire when i think she truly had good intentions and was only concerned about his wellbeing…

Moving on, I think it’s a good thing that Yeon Woo has already started to try to get over her feelings for Do Wook since it’s obvious that he’s still really hung up on Hee Young…

(although i have a feeling that there will be a twist somewhere here and the love square would get messy but show, please don’t break my heart and just give me my Ji Heon-Yeon Woo ending!)

I really think that Hee Young and Do Wook are better off together though… they’re both mopey and quiet and emo but i won’t lie that the way that Yeon Woo gave in to Hee Young in that scene in Do Wook’s house where she admitted that she really liked him but told her how she’s the one he needs broke my heart!

What a classy lady though! That my friends, is the coolest way to walk away…


(and seriously, you don’t have to be sad because i really think that Ji Heon is wayyyyyyy above Do Wook in the hotness scale in my opinion!)

Once again, this show has not yet even once let me down when it comes to giving me topless hot, sweaty, buff men lighting up my computer screen…
If 300 was a korean drama, this will probably be the closest version of it!:lol:

And as if that’s not enough, you’re now giving me another hottie in the persona of this would be villain named Go Bum?

Well, hello hottie! Where have you been all my life!

Seriously, show… what did i ever do to deserve you?:lol:

Technicalities of sports aside (i must have gagged from hearing doping so many times in the course of these last 2 episodes), there is much more to love in this drama despite some draggy parts…

The cutest kid in Kdrama land is here… (plus he’s the best matchmaker ever! The boy takes after his uncle! He is just as ADORABLE  and he knows how to melt a ladies heart, right Yeon Woo?;))

The bromance between Sang Bong and Ji Heon which would make any girl want to go in between…

And the awesome, awesome lovestory of Yeon Woo and Ji Heon that is just full of WIN!

Truly… Dr. Champ has given new meaning to my Mondays and i can’t wait until it’s that time of the week again so i can get another fix of this drama that’s making me spazz… to borrow Ji heon’s line… well… crazily…


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3 Responses to Dr. Champ Eps 7-8

  1. denali1975 says:

    I so TOTALLY agree with you except that I don’t see JH as a perv. He did not mean to see YW’s bra under her wet shirt and he actually did his best to prevent his thoughts from wandering, at the beach and in the hotel room. Btw, when he suddenly started to work out on his bed, Sang Bong’s statement was so on point that it cracked me up! I bet that SB’s got a gf too, hence his previous comment on why athletes shouldn’t be dating while love is so powerful and motivating.

    The nephew is pretty talented too when he recommended his uncle not to play “too hard to get” after their dinner at the restaurant with uninvited noona guest. lol

    I’ve totally fallen for this drama and I’m glad I’ve found another fan. We aren’t quite numerous these days. What I am sort of scared of is for the PD to disappoint me, to betray my trust in him and break my heart with a WTF twist and/or ending, such as in “Coffee House” and “Prosecutor Princess” (a kiss on the forehead? C’mon!).

    I’ve already watched ep 8 twice and you know how the old saying goes: never twice without thrice. ^_^

    • donnapie says:

      Actually, the perv thing is just a joke that i put in because i really love it when dramas really show things that happen in real life… Cmon! All guys have that inner perv and i’m tickled pink that Ji Heon is no different… makes him more relatable somehow, doncha think? 🙂

  2. rose says:


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