Playful Kiss Episode 15

So, if there is an afterlife, this must be it…

I think i just died in the episode that was shown today…

It could have been an entire hour of that kissing scene during the wedding and the wedding night and i won’t even feel a little bit shortchanged…

NOSIREE!In fact, I’m still feeling warm and fuzzy and all gooey inside as i smile like a loony while typing this and remembering the oh soooo adorable honeymoon (or the culmination of it, anyways) of Baek Seung Jo and Oh Ha Ni…


(and yes i would have also pulled an Oh Ha Ni and frenched him to kingdom come while still at the altar not because i want to one up him but because i could not wait another moment to get my hands on him… WOOHOO! )

Oh, Ha Ni… i would seriously give away my own mother to be you at this very moment!

How could you? How could you be so lucky to have the opportunity to have that hotness on top of you while kissing you so passionately?

Do you know that i’ve seen that scene in my dreams not one time too many except that it was not you underneath him but me? 

Seriously now, how could you have asked him to wait and pull back at the heat of the moment just because you had to prepare?




Please tell me that you were kidding!

If it were me, i would not be wasting another moment and if i will speak and stop him it would probably be only to say… DO ME SEUNG JO! DO ME!

Heck! Just having him that near to me would probably get me pregnant already!

(Besides, who needs undies when we all know that it will only be ending up on the floor later?)

GOSHDAMIT PD! You really know how to give us fangirls material for our daydreams for months and months to come…

I must have spent an hour just for this scene alone since i keep on repeating it over and over…

But seriously, can i just say i love you for finally giving us a college centered drama with real hot kisses?

Sheesh! I wish you could have directed the trainwreck that was Boys Over Flowers…

At least, even if the story sucked, we would have memories of Junpyo and Jandi doing the deed the same way that Ha Ni and Seung Jo did it!

(Because that my girlfriends, is HOW IT SHOULD BE DONE! Not some pathetic excuse of a lip press for a kiss or one that’s brightened by too much sunlight that i thought it was the end of the world because it almost drove me blind… Is it obvious i’m still bitter about this fact?)

But back to Playful Kiss…


Seung Jo, you might be the cheesiest guy in the planet but man… you ought to get your moves patented because it sure made my knickers drop…

You only had to say “I can’t wait” in that breathy, manly voice and i was already finding ways to go inside the computer so that i could shove Ha Ni off that bed and take her place…

(all you Kim Hyun Joong fangirls raise your hands if the thought crossed your mind that Hyun Joong must also be this HOT in bed as himself?

*nosebleeds just thinking about it*)

Oh Ha Ni, I was LITERALLY frothing at the mouth with envy…

However, what can i do?

*grumbles and whispers in a soft voice*

I guess i have to admit that you sure do make one cute (horny) pair so i’m bowing out and for that i guess, i just have to live my life through you vicariously for the rest of my life…

But, despite the fact that the two of you almost made my eyes roll at the back of my head with all the spazzing… That ugly, dumb, ho who made a nightmare out of your honeymoon seriously ruined my day!

CHONGMAL! i just want to stab the bish’s eyes out with an icepick!

(although who can blame her? I would probably pull the same moves if i even have 1/100000000 of a chance to have Seung Jo’s hands on me in any way possible…)

But really now?

Can’t they get a better looking girl? One who’s worthy of competition for Ha Ni?

(i’m not just saying this because i hate her but she really looks like a tramp!

*thinks about it*

Oh wait! I guess she was picked because she fits the bill because that is what she was being!)

But moving on, at the end of the day, i guess we have seen how old habits die hard and how Seung Jo will always be Seung Jo but that’s him being him and that meanness comes with the whole package which Ha Ni fell in love with…

However, as much as i want to bash his face in when he’s just being an @ss, he sure does know how to make up for it when he makes me swoon and make me want to hug him just because of all those sweet little things that he does for Ha Ni that makes my heart go doki doki…

I guess in some weird way, i can really understand how Ha Ni could fall head over heels for him… (What can i say? I really have a penchant for bad boys!)

In closing, just a word of advise to our dear Oh Ha Ni…

Ha Ni Ya, You know that little jiggy that you did in Jeju?

Hold it off when Seung Jo’s being mean and make him beg for it when he’s talking you down and i’m sure you’d get to realize that he will do ANYTHING and worship you just so he could get some of that!

As for me, i am still in denial mode that this series is ending but what the heck! I can still repeat Episode 15 for weeks and weeks to come and i could live in my own little world and savor the feelings that this episode has given me .and probably that would help me in pretending that this show is never ending…


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5 Responses to Playful Kiss Episode 15

  1. Miraida Biru says:

    This drama so romantic and sweet .

  2. juniestar says:

    Btw, Mkissers at Mischievous Kiss Pinoy Exchange thread 2 has preempted those award committees by awarding Kim Hyun Joong a Certificate in absentia for Excellence in the Art of Kissing last October ,2010.

  3. juniestar says:

    Kissing will never be the same after Hyun Joong …wow talk of talent …he now has an additional skill in his resume . Compared to BOF days …he surely has upped his kissing range .Well , as they say kissing is also acting .

    So end of the year acting award committees are you listening ,you have to include a new award category -Best in Kissing Category -only one nomination -Kim Hyun Joong for his role as inexperienced aka virginal honeymooning husband in Playful Kiss. And the Winner is : Kim Hyun Joong .

  4. Marie says:

    Everything you said, all I can say and what came to my mind is “ditto” Ditto on everything you said!!!!! I would want him in the worst way too…Ditto!!!!!!!! LMAO

  5. Sherry says:

    Hot! Umm yeah he has to be good in bed. Or if not we would never know the difference. I liked the whole episode. I like bad boys too because he really is not one.

    Oh and Duckie (I can never remember his name, that accent drives me nuts in a bad way) should wear blue.. Every shirt he ever wears should be blue. Gorgeous!

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