Dr. Champ Episode 9

Oh, Jung Gyu Woon… Are you in need of any new fans? Coz believe me, i am volunteering!How can Yeon Woo like that staid, boring, angsty doctor when she’s got a real life champ in Ji Heon’s persona?

Seriously! Sometimes we really make stupid decisions when we think we are in love…

The first five minutes alone of this episode, turned me into putty… Melted me like chocolate… Pretty much transformed me into goo at Ji Heon’s sheer adorableness and sweetness as he tried his best to win Yeon Woo’s heart…

(That scene when he was texting her all those messages in the middle of the night… GAHHHHHHH!!! I literally went weak kneed at the sheer sweetness of it!)

Who would not fall in love with this guy?

Yeon Woo needs to wake up and see what’s in front of her like right about now, otherwise, I’d snatch him!

(well, me and a hundred others but i think she heard that fair and square because right about now, i am dying from too much spazzing over the fact that she’s finally looking his way!


I’m glad that despite the fact that the road Ji Hoon took leading towards Yeon Woo’s heart was not that easy, in the end all of his efforts still paid off as she slowly began to see the sincerity of his heart as she lets him into her life bit by bit…

I really appreciate how this drama walked us through Yeon Woo’s emotions as she opened up her heart to Ji Heon slowly…

Maybe at this point still not in a romantic way but at least there’s hope that it’s getting there…

I like how she didn’t reciprocate Ji Heon’s feelings at first sight or at the first sweet gesture he’s shown her like all prototype kdrama heroines are wont to do but that it happened because he was always there for her in ways that would truly break down anyones defenses and because to be honest about it, who could simply resist him?

(Obviously, i just added my personal opinion in that last part but I swear… the way he says he liked her… CRAZILY is still ringing in my ears as i type this and that was like so last week…)

Although right now, the relationship between the both of them are still in vague territory, i think the ending of this episode spoke of so much promise that their future relationship holds that i was still thinking about their pairing even when i was already in bed still smiling like a loony…

(My heart literally soared at how Yeon Woo is finally giving in and how she is giving Ji Heon motivation to succeed… But seriously! How adorable is that ending scene? I literally squeed when it happened… And Bobby Kim’s voice and that song Fall in Love With You? Man, it makes magic happens…)

As much as i like Yeon Woo, personally, much of this feeling could really be attributed to how Ji Heon is a character that keeps on surprising me every time i watch an episode of this series…

I love the fact that i discover little facets of his personality the more the story unfolds and i feel as if i am also in Yeon Woo’s shoes as i fall in love with him the more that i see of him…

(OH HECK! Who the hell am i kidding? I’m already head over heels for this guy! YES, I AM!)

He can be childish (i seriously LOL’d when he covered his ears and started making noises when Yeon Woo was telling him about how she liked Do Wook) petulant, jealous, possesive, driven and motivated but he does it all with such passion that it really makes one empathize with his character…

The way that he continues to like Yeon Woo while also working towards his dream is such a turn on for me, i swear!

I seldom see Kdrama characters who are not cardboard cutouts of typical leading men type who gives up everything for love but i like how Ji Heon still retains his own dreams and how he still works hard for it and doesn’t put it in the wayside, even if Yeon Woo is driving him insane with love right now…

And who says one can’t have it all?

But you know what really makes his attitude full of win in my opinion?

It’s the fact that he’s soooo take charge and confident when it comes to his feelings for Yeon Woo…

(Again, the way he mentioned oh so casually but oh so firmly how he’d wait for her and how he’d GO TO HER made me spazz like an idiot… )

It doesn’t matter how many times she rejects him or how she makes excuses about not seeing him as a man and all that bull for him to turn mopey and sad for a long time but rather it fuels him to try harder and to push further the next time around…

(Yeah, yeah, yeah… irritating for some guys i know but Ji Heon? He just does this so sweetly that i give him a free pass for not knowing how to listen when Yeon Woo says no… However, look where it got him?)

As for the other pairing in this series, i’m totally meh about Do Wook and Hee Young but i just wish that they’d get together and move on from the angst since it’s obvious that they still like each other…

As of now, i think that Do Wook is really not anymore that serious of a competition for Ji Heon seeing the turn of events but i’m still keeping my eyes open for any possible twists in the episodes to come…

(I’m okay with angst as long as Ji Heon and Yeon Woo still gets together in the end, otherwise, believe me, i’d cut someone!)

All in all, i think this is my most favorite episode of this series so far ever since it started!

And though the episode after this seem to be sad and all kinds of angsty, i’m glad i have enough stock of good feelings coming from this episode that will pull me through until such time that i can once again bask in the good feelings that the Yeon Woo and Ji Heon pairing will bring me…

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4 Responses to Dr. Champ Episode 9

  1. Amg1 says:

    You totally crack me up!!!! I came here to read a Doctor Champ recap and all I got is you in a “GIRL OuT” total mode, over Ji Heon not that is anything wrong with it, but you are realty funny!!!! Doctor Champ Fighting!!!!!

    • Amg1 says:

      I meant “really”

    • donnapie says:

      Hahaha… I don’t really do recaps since there are a lot of them around… rather i blog about my experience and thoughts on a per episode basis for dramas that i’m watching in the hopes that i can share my sentiments to the rest of the kdrama loving netizens… 🙂

  2. denali1975 says:


    Where else would I be able to, otherwise? ^^

    Interestingly you mentionned how Ji Heon expressed to Yeon Whoo with his voice that he likes her [pause] CRAZILY. Did you notice his eyes? He delivered the first part looking somehow away, then he purposely turned towards her, with confidence, looking in her eyes. I swear, I melted right there. The first time. Then I lost count of the numerous times I did. When he texted her… o-mo-na how can he know her so well?

    I loved you put into words what I have felt too – except for the DW/HY couple. I feel for him. And I understand HY’s reasons to break up with him after his accident. Since I’m a real sucker for happy endings, I wish them to resolve their past issues and move on. And YES, I’m enjoying how YW is slowly opening herself up to JH. Remember that she has only had one boyfriend who cheated on her, thus trusting a person, and a man in particular, means a lot to her.

    What I’d be delighted to see would be Yeon Woo eventually telling Ji Heon that she sees him as a namja. Haaa, that’d be so sweet, and that’s an understatement.

    PS : from spoilers on ep 10, I’ve decided that I would wait ep 11 because I might not be able to handle the angst there with Sang Bong (WTH, writer???). However I did take a look at the last part where Ji Heon says a few words, and he broke my heart. Seriously. I’ve already made the announcement: I have decided to let go of my one-sided-love with Jung Wu Sung and am now free to date Jung Gyu Woon. Woot! ^^

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