Dr. Champ Ep 10



Darn it Ms. Scriptwriter… Just when i thought we’re friends, you’re now giving me reasons to hate on you…

Waeeeeeeeee? Wae?

Why must you hurt my Ji Heon so?Just when everything is turning up roses for him and he’s starting to get back on his feet both as an athlete and in terms of his personal relationships, you just had to be sadistic and ruin it…

CHINCHA! I was expecting more lovey dovey moments between Yeon Woo and him and all i got was heartbreak and angst…

However, there’s really something about the other OTP in this series that just gets to me…

(And no… it’s not Do Wook and Hee Young but rather Sang Bong and Ji Heon…)

I know that female bonding tend to last a lifetime but there’s something about two guys sharing some serious bromance that is quite different in terms of loyalty and how they would gladly take a bullet for each other if push comes to shove…

My heart really goes out to Ji Heon for burdening himself with guilt over what has happened to Sang Bong and i just hope and pray that the scriptwriter won’t torture us too much by prolonging his agony and for letting his life fall on the wayside just because of what happened in this episode…

(I am contemplating how this new turn of events would really affect him and his quest to reach his dream seeing how even now, he’s still blaming himself for his brothers death and now we add in Sang Bong’s injury to the mix!

Ji Heon seriously needs some serious therapy and i wish that i was a psychiatrist so i can be the one to give it to him… hehehe!

Maybe then, he’d chase me around like Yeon Woo too!)

Jebal (Please) Ms. Scriptwriter! I loved Ji heon for being cute and adorable and funny and i don’t think i can take it if he gets all melancholic just like what Do Wook is doing!

(We have enough of that in the Hee Young- Do Wook front so please give me back the cute and spazzworthy!)

Seriously, i know that Do Wook and Hee Young share a past and that i’m supposed to feel just a teeny, tiny bit sympathetic towards the both of them and their lost love but i’m just not feeling this pairing…

Maybe it’s because of Cha Hye Ryun who seem as if the burden of the world is on her shoulders…

Really now, i wonder if she knows that there are other facial expressions out there aside from STOIC?

As for the new character, though Go Bum seems like an arrogant jerk who’s shaking things up in the judo team with his introduction, I can’t really say that i hate him as of now, because he has not done anything major yet in my opinion for me to stick pins in a voodoo doll that was done in his image…

For the first time ever too, i can feel as if Yeon Woo is becoming a shell of her old competent self as a doctor and if there’s anything that i’m griping big time about this show on it is writing off that part of her which i truly miss…

(My jaw literally dropped in shock when she just sat there not doing anything when Sang Bong was gasping for breath in that ring! No wonder the athletes think she’s a quack!)

I wish that she can vindicate herself soon enough and that she can go back to being that confident, take charge doctor that i liked so much in the first episode…

I hope it would not be a long wait…

Judging from previews, i think we’d see more of a Hee Young – Do Wook centric episode next week and though i don’t exactly get excited over Do Wook’s angle of the story, i am interested enough to watch scenes involving him, all thanks to Uhm Tae Woong who can probably emote the hell out of a script even if that is the telephone directory!

(Notice how i left out Hee Young? hehe!)

However, there is no denying the fact that i’m hooked on this drama mainly because of the Ji Heon-Yeon Woo pairing and i just hope that along with the accident that happened to Sang Bong, the scriptwriter did not also zap Ji Heon’s fun side accidentally out, otherwise, there will be hell to pay Korea!


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