Playful Kiss Youtube Edition Episode 1

Oh the bliss of marital life…

Especially the life of a certain Oh Ha Ni who is married to a walking, talking Greek God named Baek Seung Jo…

No wonder she has that smile on her face the moment she wakes up…

Hell… i would be smiling as widely too if my husband was someone that HOT!

(Seung Jo: Did you sleep well?

Donnapie: *gasps* What Sleep? I’ve just been watching you while crying like a loony…

Frankly, i don’t even know what i have done to deserve such good luck to have a hunky dory hubby like you beside me…

I think i will put you in my resume under greatest achievement… Uh-Huh i will!

*jumps Seung Jo and the talking is over… sayyyyy… for the next 24 hours!)

This webisode only lasted barely 12 minutes but man… it was worth every delicious second of it… 

I feel as if Seung Jo and Ha Ni were playing house and it was adorable to see them as newlyweds and enjoying their first few days as husband and wife…

(I was absolutely smiling from ear to ear as Seung Jo gets exasperated over the fact that Ha Ni put his pants in the dryer when his wallet, keys and phone are still in it’s pocket…

Sooooo cute how they really seem like a married couple…

She cooks while he cleans… He fixes the bed while she chops…

*sighs* I can only wonder how it feels to be Ha Ni…

Although i wonder why she feels that there’s a need to set alarm clocks or even to get to the grocery store because believe me if i were in her shoes, i’d be riding that man all night and all day long… WOOHOO! 


Ahhh… now i get it… maybe the alarm clocks are just a front for making breakfast but she just sets it to remind her that it’s once again time for some nooky!

Say whattttttttttttt??? I’m on to you Oh Ha Ni! You scheming girl you! I bet we have the same Baek Seung Jo playbook…)

How can these two be this spazzworthy? 

I still feel as giddy as Oh Ha Ni when the ajumma at the grocery store called her housewife and i can perfectly relate to the euphoric feeling that brings to her given how its now a reality that she is indeed legally binded to a man whom she had only dreamt of marrying and whom she now calls her husband…

(DANG IT! Can anyone tell i’m dying of envy while typing this? I wanted to call that man she calls her husband MY husband too!)

On a different note, I definitely give Ha Ni an A for effort for trying to be the perfect wife to Seung Jo….

And even if she suffered making those burnt toasts and sliced veggies that’s supposed to pass for English breakfast…

The satisfied smile on Seung Jo’s face as she planned her menu and the sweet way that he still found something to commend about that mess of a meal (the coffee) plus of course that whole shoe lace sweetness, was worth all the hard work that she’s gone through…

…And then maybe some more…


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5 Responses to Playful Kiss Youtube Edition Episode 1

  1. juniestar says:

    Ok it’s a state of mind then .NO need to get excited Ms Donnapie . Thank you for your recation.

  2. katwoman says:

    You are a hoot! Thanks for sharing.

    Yeah…I think being newlyweds is more of a state of mind then actual years. In this case, they’re living w/parents and hardly have any private times…so I think anytime they can spend alone is newlywed time.

  3. juniestar says:

    I read in another blog that this happened after a year . If that is the timeline -do you still call them newlywed after a year ? And why Hani has not learned passable (I’m generous here) skill of a housewife -is she back to Zero ? Seems my SJ is more domesticated than her . Poor SJ ,I can replace Hani anytime ,household chores, bed chore ,any chore for that matter !! Send me OW ticket to SK SJ I’m coming !

    SJ still cranky , who wouldn’t . SJ , I’m just on standby mode ,holler any time dear !

    • donnapie says:

      For two people who are that sweet?

      Hell yeahhhhhhhhhh!!! One year being married can still be considered as newlyweds because see how it seems like their honeymoon isn’t over?

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