Flames of Desire Episodes 9-10

If there’s a contest for the drama with the most number of scenes where an actor is going bug eye in surprise or anger or curiosity while shouting at the top of their lungs in histronics, i bet Flames of Desire would win first place.. 

And there’s a whole lot more of that going on this week because the plot gets thicker…

What’s on the agenda you ask?

Well, you know… normal everyday things like blackmail and stabbing your family in the back over money and meeting ex boyfriends who get you raped and finding out the truth about babies that you thought were dead but who really lived…

Sounds like fun huh?  

(if you don’t notice i’m being sarcastic but THAT are just a few of the reasons why this drama is soooo compelling…)

Na Young learning about the existence of her daughter was something that i was not expecting to be revealed this early…

However, it is so anti climactic given how she seems hellbent on denying that the said child ever lived at first, which already had me calling her names…(Something that starts with a letter B and is a five letter word and another word that starts with an S and is a four letter word, to be exact… )

…Well, until Episode 10 happened…

The start of that episode literally had me doing a 360 degree of my opinion of Na Young as a mother…

To see her vulnerable side was a discovery and it is one that made me just a teeny weeny bit more sympathetic towards her plight… Perhaps it was because i’ve always thought of her as a cold, gold digging mercenary that seeing her beyond herself with grief over the truth regarding her child was something unexpected…

If Na Young has an achilles heel we now all know what it is and that is her children…

Anyhow, i if i am building up her resume and want something to be put under her skills and talent I would say that she ought to get the Nobel for playing mind games…

(and i can’t believe how poor p*ssy whipped Young Min is always the victim of it! This guy needs an entire episode to himself of Dr. Phil!

Though on second thought i’d rather have Na Young continue playing this card when Ae Ri is around because even if she’s a beeyatch, i like her better than that sister in law of hers that sincerely makes my toes curl… )

On the other hand, i am soooo enamored with the pairing of In Ki and Min Jae…

The boy is sooo lovestruck and i can’t help but laugh at how he really IS a little boy when he met her at that cafe with his cousin and how he was at a loss for words and couldn’t look her in the eye… (It’s a good thing In Ki is into that…)

Though their interactions in episode 9 were quite short and left much to be desired… I definitely felt the sparks in episode 10 when In Ki was telling him about how she used him for clearing up her scandal and i really am tickled pink at how she talks down to him like a noona while Min Jae struggles to be on a level playing field…

And can i just say that that whole thesis presentation that he did about the word PURE and why he likes her because of that theory?


If Min Jae can risk the wrath of her uber possesive mother for a girl?

Heaven help me, that is LOVE right there!

(If Na Young was my mother, i think i would ensconced myself in a convent for fear that she would kill anybody that i even dare to just look at… hehehe!)

However, It’s not just Na Young that In Ki and Min Jae are up against…It seems like all the scums of the earth have decided to take a field trip and they did it in this drama…

(Seriously, how many more gangsters will this show have?)

If all chaebols lives are riddled with as many problems as the family in this show have… I think the worlds economy would come crashing down because who else would have the time to do business when they’re so busy putting their own lives to right?


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2 Responses to Flames of Desire Episodes 9-10

  1. marcin808 says:

    They have to break the rule 3

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