Playful Kiss YouTube edition Episode 2

Can i just say?

Oh Ha Ni, you may do a lot of things wrong but there’s one thing you sure did right…

Cmon, why don’t you take a wild guess?



Of course what else could it be but your decision to get hitched to the most adorable guy in the face of kdrama land!

Sure he may be surly most of the time and he loves toying with you just for fun… but boy oh boy, when push comes to shove, he is always the one around…

Take for example when no one else (not even your friends) would take any chances of getting even near you for fear of dying if they are even within touching distance of your syringe…

But not this man…

Not Seung Jo…


He is like a guardian angel always watching over you and wanting the best for you and yet he’s never intrusive…

Never meddling…

He stays in the background cheering you on and basking in your victory when you make it because he wants nothing else but for you to learn on your own and to improve by yourself and when you feel like such a failure, he always steps in to give you back that confidence to just believe in yourself…

(and yes even to the point where he’d suffer through physical pain or look like a virtual pin cushion just as long as he makes you happy and cheers you up…)

So really Ha Ni, you may do a lot of things wrong but you sure did one thing right…

Because you know with Seung Jo around?

I’m sure things will always fall into place and that everything in your life will turn out to be alright…

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Kdrama fanatic, Kim Hyun Joong obsessed, MinSun shipper, closet writer
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2 Responses to Playful Kiss YouTube edition Episode 2

  1. Mia says:

    It’s just so cute, this drama. Hyun Joong is darn gorgeous.
    They make such a beautiful couple

  2. wagner says:

    i love watching this pk because of KHJ

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