Dr. Champ Episode 11


Seriously Show! Seriously?

You’re pulling this on us now?

And how much more would you like us to suffer?

You can’t just let JiHeon be depressed over Sang Bong’s injury can you?

And now you have to add in Yeon Woo once again looking in Do Wook’s direction to the fray?

Why did you have to get our hopes up only to snatch it away? 


Did you go to sadist school or something? No wonder Ji Heon is going all badass on us all of a sudden…

Really now! I really thought that Yeon Woo was soooo over the medical director coming from where Ji Heon and her left off in the last few episodes…

However, the accident just had to happen, and ruin everything good and seeing the broken heart that Yeon Woo seems to be suffering from in this episode whenever Hee Young and Do Wook are together?

It really made me think twice if i am expecting too much from my Ji Heon-Yeon Woo ship too fast, too soon…

(I think now is a good time to send Yeon Woo a sex video… One that contains this scene and maybe that would bring her to her senses!)

I would be all for this one sided love over Do Wook if i somehow see a sense of possibility that Do Wook might be feeling just a teeny weeny bit of the same kind of affection for her…

However, seeing him cutting her down to size in front of the athletes and using her as his outlet for his Hee Young frustration definitely did not make me a fan of her overgrown high school crush on him…

That and the fact that he’s soooo hung up on Hee Young that he is now one angry, seething mess…

(Again, why does this relationship have to go through so much hardship when Hee Young and Do Wook still like each other the same?

Heck they even did the horizontal jig and they seemed to like it!

REALLY! My heart literally went out to Do Wook seeing how he got his hopes up for a possible reconciliation with Hee Young only for it to be crushed once again…)

You thrive on angst show…

Seriously, you do…

So, that’s why you see?

I’d take whatever little crumb of sweetness that you can share for Yeon Woo and Ji Heon and still lap it up avidly…

I’d be okay with morsels…crumbs… tidbits… even just this scene where Yeon Woo was tending to him…

(Honestly, how HOT is the way Ji Heon stares? I feel that if i were in Yeon Woo’s shoes, i would feel holes boring through me…)

CHINCHA! I miss the old Ji Heon so…

The one who’s goofy and funny and oh so sweet that just seeing him gives me a toothache…

I know he’s hurting but please can you bring him back to me?

I’m all for the macho, gruff man forcing kisses on Yeon Woo because i find that hot too but please, please, please bring us back the cute and the funny and the spazzworthy because that’s the reason why i loved him!

Otherwise show, i might only be able to smile as widely just as much as Cha Hye Ryun does and that goes to say that it is a smile that’s not really a smile at all…

Heaven forbid that you have more in store by planning a Do Wook-Yeon Woo ending because if that happens, I swear we’d have words Show…

I swear we’d definitely have words…


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2 Responses to Dr. Champ Episode 11

  1. Cheryl says:

    I finished ep. 10 in tears… rushed to find out about 11 and 12. Did they have to kill my bromance? Like that? LIKE THAT. One, the nephew needs to knock some sense into Ji Heon. Two, you are so right about the high school crush that Yeon Woo has.

    Ugh. 13 better be good. 14 better be better!

  2. Denali says:


    Same feelings here. I was sorta desperate after watching this episode and from spoilers on soompi, it seemed that ep 12 wasn’t any better. I did give it a try and if you haven’t, please do so. There is still hope. Actually I can’t wait for next week’s episode and I’m still rooting for JH/YW ship. Ahhhh MY Ji Heon-aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa. *swoon*

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