Playful Kiss YouTube Edition Episode 3

Now, this?

This is what you call a dream…

Honestly speaking, i think i lost count of the number of times i’ve had the exact same one…

I guess Ha Ni and i have a whole lot more in common than i imagined because we share such identical definite fantasies only in mine, i am the one in Seung Jo’s lap and i am doing more than lying…  

Moving on, anyone else here who thinks mother in law is adorable but that sometimes she really tends to overstep her boundaries?

*me raises hand*

But who can blame Oh Ha Ni for getting her hopes up even if it’s not because of her anyway?

I guess just the thought of bearing Baek Seung Jo’s children is enough to send any girl to palpitate and to go into major overdrive…

(Frankly speaking, just the thought of the process of MAKING one with him is enough to send me into convulsive fits…)

However, i think this webisode has once again strengthened the message about how Ha Ni and Seung Jo are a perfect match for each other…

That he is the voice of reason to her impulsive excitement…

The one who brings her back to reality when she’s off to never, never land…

The man who gives her the truth even if it hurts and then comforts her to make that pain go all away…

So really, that above? 

That may be a dream, but if this is the reality?

I think I’d rather stay in this for the rest of my life and curse anyone who’d dare open that door until i pop little Seung Jo’s like crazy or die a happy death while doing my darnedest trying… 


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7 Responses to Playful Kiss YouTube Edition Episode 3

  1. sena says:

    ben bu diziyi bilmiyordum yeni başladım hepsibi izledim harika bir filmm 🙂

  2. juniestar says:

    Why is Hani being carried by Seung Jo every time they want to show us they are going to Do it ? Oh I know,I know !Carrying Hani is Seung Jo’s preparation time -you know more strength …more staying power …more muscle toning/ control…ohhh what am I saying …

    But I think Hani ought to just walk! What are those feet for ? Our doctor in the making Dr Baek Seung Jo must not be tired at all !

    • katwoman says:

      If you watch the BTS, I think you’ll find that KHJ probably wants to carry JSM around and hug her and kiss her. *sigh* lucky, lucky girl

  3. katwoman says:

    You are hilarious. As a happily married woman, I think I will live my life vicariously through Oh Ha Ni as well. Lucky lucky girl.

  4. donnapie says:

    I didn’t say anything… you pervy, pervy girls you… hehehe! 😀

  5. chub says:

    “doing more than lying”

    *blood rushes to my cheeks*
    i need to shut down my system. images not good for my weak heart 😛

  6. a_fan says:

    doing more than lying, on Seung Jo’s lap. OMG!!!

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