Dr. Champ Episode 12

So there i was thinking that this episode will be a total snoozefest because once again we get the much ballyhooed about injury of Sang Bong and the condition that Jiheon is in when i suddenly found myself just tearing up at these two even if this topic has been repeated over and over since Episode 10… 


Man, these two have it…


And this has got to be the saddest break up ever!

That documentary about Sang Bong where he was shown being soooo happy just talking about Ji Heon totally struck a chord in me…

How much must he have valued Ji Heon’s friendship to the point where he is considering his welfare first even before his, no matter if he has to cut corners?

It’s so heartbreaking to see how that accident could have happen and how it is now standing in the middle of their friendship like a huge, obstructive barrier just when they’re rediscovering each other…

To see Ji Heon beat himself up over something that is totally not his fault makes me just want to comfort him but i must admit that i was disappointed with him too when he just wanted to just up about and quit the judo team although i was somehow expecting it… (where has that take charge man i love gone to? WHERE?)

However, I welcomed the fact that Coach Oh changed Ji Heon’s mind and that Ji Heon is now showing some spunk from his old self back as he takes baby steps to once again pursue his dreams despite of this setback just because of the encouraging words the coach has given him… (nice way to clean your slate in my books coach-nim! You’re now off my persona non grata list!)

A mighty fine decision i might say from Ji Heon’s part given how he has committed the same mistake in the past and it only ended up making him regret that the rest of his life… (the quitting i mean…)

As for Kim Yeon Woo, as much as i like this girl, i wish that she can just finally cut all romantic ties from Do Wook and set her sights on Ji Heon, because really, all that effort is futile…

(HELLO? Is it any more obvious how much he’s hung up over Hee Young?)

Though I really appreciate all the help that she has given him during the time that Ji Heon needed her the most, there is also a part of myself that wishes she can just give him space if she can’t follow through because i don’t think he can bear any more if ever she is just looking at him as a friend and giving him false hopes…

I really can’t bear to see Ji Heon go through so much angst all over again… I think he’s had enough…

Personally, i thought the ending of this episode was a little anti climactic given how Do Wook is not really much of a competition for Ji Heon anymore since he has made it clear to Yeon Woo where his heart really belongs…

Still, i can’t help but get excited over this development as i wait with bated breath for possesive Ji Heon to make his re-entrance and maybe then, we’d be back to the good times and then we’ll finally have some laughs right around here all over again…

(I know that that last picture totally has no business in this recap but dang it! Jung Gyu Woon’s bod is soooo hot it’s begging to be posted! )

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