Dr. Champ Major Spoiler

Do you all see what i see?

Allow me to catch my breath as i savor this moment…

*stares at the photo above once again and giggles like a schoolgirl*

Omonaaaaaaaaa… and i never thought that we’d go through 13 episodes just to see the day!

It’s about damned time i say!

It had been a long time coming but THIS?

This definitely made it worth the wait!

Now i can only hope and pray that this is not another one of the scriptwriters forms of torture where Yeon Woo would allow Ji Heon to kiss her only for her to push him once again away…

I would seriously start going berserk if that happens, i swear!

Now, if only Sang Bong would miraculously start walking again that will make it just like Christmas day…

But oh well, beggars can’t be choosers and can i just say that i am one happy beggar just seeing this OTP finally lock lips…

I can’t wait for Episode 13!


About donnapie

Kdrama fanatic, Kim Hyun Joong obsessed, MinSun shipper, closet writer
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