Playful Kiss Youtube Edition Episode 4


If i were Oh Ha Ni i think i won’t be able to sleep a wink at night mainly because of the following reasons:

Number 1: My husband is too hot that i’d think sleeping is a waste of time…

(Oh, the things that i imagine where i could put that time to good use… *rubs my hands in anticipation and cackles with glee*)

Number 2: I would be totally out of my mind with worry just thinking about the number of girls who would willingly take my place if i should die or if Seung Jo and i EVER get divorced…

(AS IF! Finders keepers, girls!)

And Number 3:  I will be too busy staying alert trying to fend off trampy vixens who would do everything in their power just so they can get their hands on the hotness that is legally mine and whom they can only fantasize about…

Take for example Jin Soo, whose arrival i think made the alarm bells in Ha Ni’s head go off like crazy but not without a good enough reason…

(We’re a little bit touchy girl aren’t we? *insert sarcasm here*

However, i could smack Seung Jo too for smiling that widely and for seemingly enjoying the flirting just a little teeny weeny bit too much at the beginning, although i forgot just what i was saying as that smile also made me melt like gooey chocolate candy…)

*sigh* But i guess that is the risk that Ha Ni took when she married a man who seems almost perfect…

Seung Jo can really bring out her jealous streak and her insecurities not because she doesn’t trust him but because she doesn’t believe that she is perfect for him unlike those seemingly perfect girls who also tend to flock around him…

Girls, who truth be told,  are as jealous of her as much as she is of them because she’s had the good fortune of finding a love that one could only dream to have that they would give their darnedest best to try and usurp her position in Seung Jo’s heart even if it makes them seem like total pinkberries…

However, there’s no amount of flirting or tempting or coquetry that any girl can do that would change Seung Jo’s heart…

Because for him?

There is only Ha Ni and there is no one else

It might have taken a long time for Ha Ni to make him come around but the moment he looked her way, there was no turning back… no pulling away… no regretting the decision he’s made…

In that effect, Ha Ni might have been smarter than all of us from the very beginning because she knew that it might be hard to make Seung Jo love her the same, but once she makes that happen?

Seung Jo will be hers and only hers…

And that my friends, is a whole lot more reason why he’s a husband that’s worthy of losing sleep over…


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6 Responses to Playful Kiss Youtube Edition Episode 4

  1. LINA PEREZ says:

    thank you, donnapie!!

    love it and enjoyed reading your recaps………..

    keep up the good work!!!

  2. blaqkitty says:

    So true. I so enjoy watching this. Oh I also enjoy your recaps. Thank you

  3. Yuyu says:

    Agree to everything you said.
    Gosh.. i can’t imagine what i would do If i ever get my hands (dreaming mode) on that fine looking boy.
    Lovely recap, thanks for sharing

  4. jeankaycee says:

    love your recaps on PK drama queen!!!
    been a lurker ever since!!
    keep it coming!!!

  5. meteor says:

    love your recap, thanks

  6. sanya says:

    thanks you! you are really fast! I love edition 4. BUt I want more kiss!!!

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