Playful Kiss Youtube Edition Episode 5

Dear Greys Anatomy…

Kim Hyun Joong called… He says he’s the original McDreamy and McSteamy combined together and he wants those nicknames back…

I am behind him on this one…



To some, it may be their worst nightmare…

But to Oh Ha Ni, it is a dream come to life… 

For her, the fact that she’s now working alongside her doctor husband and complementing him not just at home but also in his work related tasks is the culmination of all her fantasies come true…

No wonder she couldn’t be happier…

Well, that is, until Seung Jo fainted from being overworked and as usual, she responded by being over acting…

A reaction which lasted only for about a minute because the moment that Seung Jo was cleared and declared as being out of the woods, Ha Ni of course, grabbed the opportunity to fend off nurse fangirls, tend to him, baby him and play out more of her husband and wife fantasies while Seung Jo has no choice but to humor her as he lies helpless and weak on his sick bed…

(Seriously, Does Ha Ni have a playbook of perfect couple scenarios that she’d want Seung Jo and her to act out?

But on the other hand i don’t think Seung Jo needs prodding because doth he protests too much and though he may be all gruff on the outside he is soooo whipped because in the end, he always gives in and gives her what she wants! )

However, i think that’s the least he can do for having a wife who would go to the ends of the earth for him…

One who would make homemade lunches for him, feed him and even go through a mountain of charts for him even if she doesn’t understand a thing just because she cares that much for him…

So yes, there’s no wonder how Seung Jo would have come a long way from a man who couldn’t even care less to a husband who gets anxious at the first sight of his wifes tears (and *gasp* he says sorry to boot too! What is the world coming to?)…

But you know the part that really makes me wonder?

It is how Ha Ni’s fantasies can be so wholesome even if she’s married to a man who kisses like THAT because if that were me, I bet we’d be playing a different kind of nursy-nursy and i know i don’t need to explain because i’m sure y’all know what i’m saying…

(You… be patient, i… be nurse… *jumps Seung Jo*)


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5 Responses to Playful Kiss Youtube Edition Episode 5

  1. LINA PEREZ says:


    Thank you so much, Donnapie!!!

    like the way he stared at Hani…….so sweet!!!

  2. jeankaycee says:

    these two have really come a long way!!!!
    and im loving them more and more!!!

    love the ending kiss and hug…sweetness overload!!!!
    but couldnt help myself to ask for more! LOL!

  3. n5y17cgirl says:

    haha… loved the Grey’s Anatomy reference. nice. 🙂

  4. meteor says:

    how many times i will say this, if KHJ is not a celebrity, i wish he become a doctor

    and this is my favorite webisode

    love the kiss in the ending part

  5. PK ! :D says:

    LOL i love your blog ! 😀
    Made me smile so much ! 😀 (Y)

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