Playful Kiss You Tube Edition Episode 6

And somewhere out there, in a part of Playful Kiss land, drivers and pedestrians alike are cowering in fear because Oh Ha Ni just got her license!

Heaven forbid! 

She’s enough of a threat walking on two feet what more if she gets behind the wheel…

But that does not stop Ha Ni from getting overly excited… Nosiree! 

An excitement that i think Seung Jo doesn’t share as he bears the brunt of Ha Ni’s eagerness to show him just how good she is in the drivers seat while he clutches on to his seatbelt and hang on to dear life as he sits helpless in the passengers seat…

Watching this webisode and watching Ha Ni fumble through her new found skill, i felt as if i was trapped inside Gran Turismo Grand Prix minus the 50 cent rap playing in the background and the gangsters shooting each other down…

She swerves, she jerks, she causes cars to honk at her while Seung Jo shouts, cringes and widens his eyes in shock…

How very true to life…

If a couple really wants to stay together, i couldn’t agree more that teaching one to drive should be totally out of the list..

That or end up killing each other after…

I’m glad to note though that does not happen here…

Although Seung Jo was worse for the wear and Ha Ni finally accepted defeat they still both made it out alive in one piece…

And somehow, even if Ha Ni didn’t ace drivers ed, i think she still gets to win because once again, she gets to live my fantasies as she drives around happily with the man of my dreams…

(SERIOUSLY, Ms. Scriptwriter are you reading my mind? How could you know that these are the things that my Hyun Joong reveries are made of…

I bet you’re a BIG fangirl like myself too and—

*pauses and stares bug eyed at the next scene…*

Oh well, excuse me as my mind goes into overdrive because with Ha Ni getting in that position and Seung Jo smiling that widely, i thought that this was the “steamy” scene that Hyun Joong was raving about…

It’s the waiting i tell you… the waiting for that promise to come true which i have not seen even a single peep of eversince these webisodes started…)

Although who needs steamy when we have cute and squee worthy?

*sigh* if only real marriages could be all like this, then i think divorce would have never ever been invented…

Ha Ni and Seung Jo is really the perfect example of how it doesn’t really count how many roadblocks or stop signs that a couple passes through together…

Life after all, is really a journey but in the end what truly matters is that it is love and the drive going there that makes that journey worthwhile…

Now if only i can decide who among them should be banned on the roads for being a traffic nuisance?

Ha ni simply for being a bad driver or Seung Jo for being soooo good looking that he should be illegal….

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5 Responses to Playful Kiss You Tube Edition Episode 6

  1. anvesha says:

    hahaha Seung Jo illegal for being HIMSELF!! so true

    New to your blog.. nice 🙂

  2. girlie says:

    Ms. Donnapie,

    I like how your mind is in the gutter. Love this “Oh well, excuse me as my mind goes into overdrive because with Ha Ni getting in that position and Seung Jo smiling that widely, i thought that this was the “steamy” scene that Hyun Joong was raving about”.

  3. jin says:

    love this ep

  4. kate says:

    Nice one… 🙂
    Though I’ve been waiting for the steamy scene that HJ promised, I must admit that this webisodes is very cute and is solely just the two of them.
    I just love HaNi’s eyeglasses and it also fits to SJ. And isn’t so sweet when she stuffed that orange into his mouth and SJ obligely ate it?
    And you’re right, we don’t need the steamy scenes because of the cuteness of this webisodes (but steamy scenes are a lot better and I’m still waiting for it… hehhehehe…) 🙂

  5. meteor says:

    a steamy scene under the tree, nice one 😆

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