Flames of Desire Episodes 11-12

Have i fallen into a coma?

Did i drop off the face of the earth without my knowledge and missed out a couple of episodes of FOD when all along i thought i was following through them diligently?


Seriously Show!

We’ve only had two measly dates (if you can call it that) and then we now have tears and heartbreak like these two have been together for years?

Only in Kdrama land i tell you!

However just like how crazy each episode of this series gets week after week, that is not the only thing that’s going on in these recent ones that’s making my head spin…

Allow me to tick them off my fingers one by one…

*takes a deep breath and starts*

Jung Sook finally had a face to face encounter with In Ki and Na Young almost crossed paths with In Sook…

Young Min is heading a new venture for Dae Sang and the other family members are not happy about it especially Ae Ri…

Na Young is pimping Min Jae to another chaebol family as a possible son in law while Sung Jae pimps In Ki towards Min Jae in the hopes of ruining him because he’s pissed at Min Jae’s mother…

On the other hand, Na Young discovers that Min Jae is sooo not over In Ki and does not take it sitting down…

But on the upside, there is the matter of her plans finally bearing fruit with Young Min not just developing interest in taking over the family business but also towards her…

Oh, and i must not forget… We also have In Sook’s blackmailing brother still added unto the mix plus Na Young conniving with her ex for God knows what only because she is one scheming bitch who would let absolutely nothing get in the way of her plans…

Whew! And that’s just in the span of 2 hours! Probably the reason why FOD is a series that is proving to be as addicting as crack but not because of the usual considerations…


You don’t tune in because you’re looking forward to plot twists being unfolded or spazz worthy events that are bound to happen but rather because you want to see the culmination of all this backstabbing and wheeling and dealing that’s happening and you just want to know how it would blow up and in whose faces…

It’s the suspense that’s killing me i tell you…

That and the fact that despite the repetitive plotlines almost going on for the past couple of episodes without any resolution, The characters makes for a fascinating watch, schizoprenic mood swings and all….

After all, where else could you find a drama where the lead shouts out her angst to the heavens complete with thunder and rain and afterwards, laughs evilly as if she’s plotting world domination?

Personally, i think if that were real life she would have been carted off to the nearest nut house where i know she’d feel completely at home, because honestly? aside from this show? Where else would these characters exist and then feel as if they truly belong?


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One Response to Flames of Desire Episodes 11-12

  1. sayoppe says:

    Great review 🙂 …can’t wait for the next chapter review of FOD..


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