Dr. Champ Episode 15


It might have taken us 15 episodes to get there and though i absolutely hated the fact that she only thought of Ji Heon when she was down in the dumps and with Do Wook harping at her, I would take whatever i can get…

At least the deed is done and now she only has eyes for Ji Heon and no one else…

I say, it’s about freakin’ time!

After all, we all knew he was perfect except for Yeon Woo and though i wish he can be mine, i shall just live my fantasies through our Lady Doctor and watch her thank her lucky stars for giving her life such adorableness…

What? With Ji Heon’s moves of texting mushy messages late at night and his constant words of comfort and his corny but oh so slick moves that sends my heart fluttering…WHAT IS THERE NOT TO LOVE?

I guess Yeon Woo is now learning that by herself little by little…

Though there’s not much that happened in this episode in terms of plot movement, i can watch 24 hours straight of this gushiness and not complain a single peep about it… Nosiree!

Everytime Yeon Woo and Ji Heon touch or look at each other, i swear my laptop screen crackles with electricity that i could have plugged my coffee maker in there and brew a cup while watching them make googly eyes at each other…

Where the hell do guys like Ji Heon hide in the real world?

Somebody cure me of this Jung Gyu Woon sickness!

(Oh, Jiheonnnnnnn…. YOOHOOOO!!! I think you left my cellphone in my bag too so why don’t i pretend that i’m busy looking for it so you can give me a kiss…)

I’ve never been happier that it was just LOVE, LOVE, LOVE for this episode and that we got a reprieve from the scare that Yoo Ri’s tumor gave from where we left off… (I was not so much scared for Yoo Ri but for Ji Heon… he has enough crap in his life without THIS… so thanks but no thanks…) …

Though I somehow have a feeling that her illness was meant as an episode filler and that it will turn out well in the end, i still have my doubts regarding the direction that the scriptwriter would take this arc because after all it was not too many episodes ago when i think she lived for Ji Heon’s misery…

But alas, all’s well that ends well and now i think the scriptwriter and I will be BFF’s forever because she gave me my happy ending… (oh and the gorgeous abs all around these drama… how can i forget?)

Not just with Yeon Woo and Ji Heon but with my other OTP Sang Bong and Ji Heon too…

Although Sang Bong’s appearance at the competition was cliched and anticlimactic (since we all anticipated it) that did not stop my heart from soaring to the highest heavens when I saw him looking on at Ji Heon convivially… (What can i say? I think the scriptwriter heard my threats about strangling her with that scarf or something…)

Now, if only Ji Heon will get his gold and Yeon Woo and him end up married, i will forget all the heartbreak that the scriptwriter put us through and perhaps i can get over my misery that there’s just one more episode to go and that Dr. Champ will be ending…


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One Response to Dr. Champ Episode 15

  1. rose says:

    I like this episode very much, kim so yeon and jung gyu won are perfect couple.

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