Playful Kiss Youtube Edition Episode 5

Dear Greys Anatomy…

Kim Hyun Joong called… He says he’s the original McDreamy and McSteamy combined together and he wants those nicknames back…

I am behind him on this one…



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Playful Kiss Youtube Edition Episode 4


If i were Oh Ha Ni i think i won’t be able to sleep a wink at night mainly because of the following reasons:

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Drama Queens Top 10 Staples in a Kdrama

So what makes a Kdrama a Kdrama?

Having been an avid fan of this genre for quite a few years now, i have noticed a trend that is often repeated when it comes to certain scenes that are played often, series after series…

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Queen of Reversals Ep 5-6

So remember that first impression that i did for this series where i said that i am waiting for that eureka moment when this show would turn from so-so to awesome?

Well i think this is it…


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Dr. Champ Major Spoiler

Do you all see what i see?

Allow me to catch my breath as i savor this moment…

*stares at the photo above once again and giggles like a schoolgirl*

Omonaaaaaaaaa… and i never thought that we’d go through 13 episodes just to see the day!

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Kim Hyun Joong to be interviewed on CNN for Playful Kiss


To say that i’m impressed is an understatement!

Only a handful of celebrities make it on CNN (and yes even in Hollywood) and i’m just soooo proud that Kim Hyun Joong was able to make it this early in his career!

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Dr. Champ Episode 12

So there i was thinking that this episode will be a total snoozefest because once again we get the much ballyhooed about injury of Sang Bong and the condition that Jiheon is in when i suddenly found myself just tearing up at these two even if this topic has been repeated over and over since Episode 10… 


Man, these two have it…


And this has got to be the saddest break up ever!

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Playful Kiss YouTube Edition Episode 3

Now, this?

This is what you call a dream…

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Dr. Champ Episode 11


Seriously Show! Seriously?

You’re pulling this on us now?

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Playful Kiss YouTube edition Episode 2

Can i just say?

Oh Ha Ni, you may do a lot of things wrong but there’s one thing you sure did right…

Cmon, why don’t you take a wild guess?

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